Updating vim confs

My vimrc goes back to 1995, and it looks like it. Stuff pasted everywhere, and probably full of outdated settings.

After stumbing across Amix's vimrc file I was inspired to update my confs and take a look at some of the more recent vim plugins.

Some of the plugins I want to try are Command-T and YankRing.

Command-T looks like the FuzzyFinder-textmate done better. It interacts badly with my

autocmd BufEnter * lcd %:p:h

setting, but I think I can write a patch to update the stored path only on flush.

YankRing has been around for a while, but I guess I never paid much attention. Lately I've been reading about Emacs Lisp, and the Land of Lisp book, so I'm interested to try out a killring in vim.

In any case, thank you amix for posting your awesome vimrc and inspiring me to update myself!

posted: Nov 13 2010
tags: vim