Life the last few months

Wow, it's been four months since my last update! What have I done since December?

From January through March, I took Chinese 202 at the UO every day. I commuted via bus each day, studied at the library after class, and then took the bus back. It wasn't crazy busy, but definitely controlled my schedule. Overall it was worth it though - my writing and reading improved a lot.

I purchased a B3 by Excito, to use in our Taiwan condo. I finished ripping all my CD's and transferred them all the to B3, so we'll have all the same music there too.

While finishing ripping all my CDs I created a script to scan, crop, and resize the CD cover. Imagemagick is truly an amazing tool!

For my birthday, I purchased a Reconyx HC600 HyperFire to capture wildlife outside our house. So far it's mostly capture deer, but there was a skunk picture at night.

Debian Squeeze was released. I upgraded my home server, and will hopefully update my rapidxen server to that release soon. One immediate benefit was better support for the home server ethernet - it has gigabit speed now.

posted: Apr 14 2011
tags: life