Recent projects

A few weeks ago I put together an OpenWrt router. I ordered a Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro and a nice case from Netgate.

It went pretty easily and now I have a cool router I can ssh into and configure directly. It's also nice knowing support (and security updates) won't stop because it was "discontinued by the manufacturer". I may put one together for our Taiwan condo too.

I installed the HTTPS Everywhere plugin (by EFF) into Firefox. It's a pretty innocuous plugin. Just install and it automatically redirects you to use SSL on many popular websites. It's solid enough I installed it on my wife's Firefox too, and she's had no problems with it. Nice to know her Facebook and other accounts can't be stolen as easily.

I'm trying out Convergence too. For more information see the BlackHat conference video. This plugin has been a bit more fickle. It's not quite ready for prime time but is interesting.

posted: Sep 21 2011
tags: life